What We Do

I would like to thank you in advance for this opportunity to become an Agent for your company.

I would like to take a few minutes to tell you a little about our company. Don Adams Repossession Co. was established in 1995, it is a full service recovery agency from repossession to sale. Located in Owensboro Kentucky, we cover a one hundred mile radius from our office.

Don Adams specializes in the repossession of automobiles, watercraft, trailers, Motorcycles, Toy haulers, Farm tractors and much more. We provide a complete recovery solution for all your recovery needs. Don Adams also holds a Kentucky Dealers License.

This will enable you to have a single solution to your collateral needs in the Owensboro Kentucky area. We carry a 1 Million Dollars General Liability Policy along with 1 Million dollar On the Hook Policy. We also carry wrongful Repossession Insurance as well.

Our commitment to our clients, to place the good name and interests of our clients above all else, to always remember that our actions and words reflect on the reputations of our clients , to provide our clients with honest accounts of any and all happenings or situations with regard to work performed on their behalf, without regard to any self-serving interests, to bill only for actual work performed, at rates made clear to our clients prior to accepting assignments to perform the task at hand, to provide a quality of service which exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Don Adams has a few suggestions to help make the repossession process work quickly for you. Most importantly don’t tip off the debtor that you are sending a repossession service after their collateral. It can be frustrating to hear there excuses and broken promises, But if they here Pay Today or walk tomorrow, what they hear is hide the car and hide it well.

Please include any documents that you feel may help us locate your collateral, including a repo order/hold harmless agreement, credit applications, a reference sheet, a copy of a driver’s license etc. The more information given to us the quicker the repo.


Repossessions start at $350.00 and up depending if the vehicle is equipped with a gps unit and on the type of collateral, location and if you have a set of keys. We charge $1.00 a mile after the first 75 miles driven on repos. There is a $100.00 closing fee on closed accounts.

We offer 10 days free secured storage, then $25.00 per day thereafter. Clean up and auction preparation services are available with additional fees. You will be responsible for any repairs that we incur to make collateral ready for sale. We will attempt to retrieve the keys from the debtor after the car is hooked up and in our procession or towed away.

Call us today to discuss your needs. We would love to hear from you!

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